Mother and baby
Help your baby understand and communicate their toileting needs. It's respectful to them, positive for their health, and good for the environment. Our guides, features and community will support you as you go.


Guides, progress and community

The ec babies' app is home to a set of guides to help you get started and grow in confidence with EC.

It's also used to create child profiles and record events.

Events are a baby's toileting actions; a few clicks capture enough information to measure current progress and set goals.

Additional carers can be added to a child's profile. They can get involved with EC and record events that happen while baby is in their care.

Everyone is welcome in the community area; it's a place to share experiences and support each other.

Step by step

A structured method inspired by how babies learn
The ec babies program builds on a method described in an academic study from 1985 (see FAQs for details).

The ideal time to begin is between birth and seven months. During this period babies learn in a unique way, they begin to construct mental models based on the sensations they feel and the sequences of events they experience.

Starting later might be challenging because by this time babies will have begun to expect a routine of relieving themselves into a nappy and receiving a change later.

It might also be difficult to introduce the tipper to older babies as something more than just another toy.

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Success and impact

cleaner nappies, and more...

Whatever your motivation, you'll find a counter to illustrate achievements and inspire progress.

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